Monday, May 18, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Innocent Homeless Man Brutally Beaten and Murdered For Being Kind and Teaching About Love

According to the published reports, sometime after midnight Friday morning, a homeless Man who went around doing good was surrounded by an armed mob and taken by soldiers to be present for two preliminary hearings conducted by religious extremists and for two unjust trials by two separate judges under secular authority. Both hearings were illegally conducted at night and during the interval between the two hearings the homeless Man was left to the abuse of the mob that had been present on that occasion. He was spit upon, beaten, humiliated and mocked.

Apparently, He was even struck by one of the soldiers for speaking in reply to some charges made against Him. The allegations made against Him were narrowed down to two specific charges. He was accused of treason and a dangerous charismatic lunacy in which He claimed to be God and to know God personally. The Man refused to defend Himself and no one was appointed to represent His case before the state’s court.

Witnesses were brought in who had no acquaintance with the Man and testified falsely that He was perverting the nation. No counter-argument was offered by the homeless One. The judge suspected perjury but deliberately neglected to act in accordance with the law and refused to do justice by immediately dismissing the case as a mistrial on the grounds of the corrupt testimony.

Through some questionable legal maneuver, another man being held, who was a known robber and murderer was brought out and presented alongside the homeless Man and given freedom as requested by the court with a unanimous jury verdict in exchange for a death sentence pronounced upon the homeless Man.

In a startling series of developments the judge’s wife sent a message to the judge testifying to the godly character of the Man on trial. The judge, however, washed his hands as a gesture indicating his own innocence in the matter even as the homeless Man sought to shift the blame from the judge to others who had delivered Him to the judge.

A surprise star witness suddenly appeared to confess that he had been bribed to betray the homeless Man and testified his part in the false proceedings against the innocent Person who looked upon this star witness with pity and refused to be angry with His betrayer or condemn him.

The homeless Man was finally given over into the hands of the mob and then subjected to beatings with glass laden whips by soldiers. His suffering was aggravated when thorns were placed upon His head and he was mocked as king. His hands and feet were nailed to pieces of wood that were fashioned into the shape of a cross and then the whole structure was lifted up by several men and thrust with force into the ground upon a hill called Golgotha.

Witnesses present at the scene say that the homeless Man was heard asking forgiveness for everyone who had a part in the suffering that He was presently experiencing. Further eyewitness reports confirm that He cried out in emotional agony to God asking why He had been forsaken. His last words seemed to indicate some sort of victory as He cried out, “It is finished.”

Entire villages, towns and cities afterward affirmed the excellent character of the crucified One. It was consistently stated that He was always kind and He taught love. Indeed, He was the perfect revelation of love. Jesus Christ died for your sins and mine. Will you accept Him right now as your Lord and Savior ? Invite Him to take control of your thoughts and feelings and cause you to be born again. Ask Him for new motives, new desires and new purposes. If you cooperate with Him He will make it your highest desire to love Him through all eternity and provide you with a character fit for heaven.

A Christ-like character is the only kind of character that can enjoy heaven and a Christ-like character is the only kind of character that can be trusted in heaven. Will you let Christ begin the work of changing your character now ? If you would like to begin this new life as a Christian and you want a Christian to pray with you send an email to

© 2009 Tyrone Keels

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