Friday, September 14, 2012


People will tell you why they love chocolate, or why they love cheese or why they love shopping. Some love certain activities and many are just in love with themselves. We talk of material things because we have an interest in them. We talk of our friends because we love them; our joys and our sorrows are bound up with them. Yet we have infinitely greater reason to love God than to love our earthly friends or anything else for that matter. Our love for Him should spring from an appreciation of His character. With that in mind, let's consider just a few reasons to love God.


1. All the good things that happen in life are the result of His providence

2. All the bad things that happen in life can be made beautiful only by Him

3. Ask Him any question and He will know the answer.

4. Another day is yours to live because He ordains it.

5. Before you and I were born, he planned for our success

6. Beauty of character is revealed in His words and actions.

7. Being blamed for evil and misunderstood by many He still continues to love

8. Black people, white people and all people are the same to Him

9. Because He first loved us.

10. Contacting Him is easy.

11. Christ is His Son and they with the Holy Spirit work together for our salvation

12. Crisis becomes no crisis when we trust in Him.

13. Compassion is one of His character qualities.

14. Death is no match for Him and He will destroy it someday soon.

15. Distance cannot keep Him from loving you.

16. Darkness cannot hurt you if He is present with you.

17. Decisions to do right are encouraged and made possible by Him

18. Excellence of character is something He can develop in anyone who desires it.

19. Everything pure and right and wonderful has its origin in Him

20. Emptiness of heart is not possible in a relationship with Him

21. Eternal life is the bright future He wants to give to everyone who wants it.

22. Freedom to choose is respected by Him.

23. Flowers and fragrances were His ideas.

24. Feelings and emotions are understood by Him.

25. Fear is banished in His presence.

26. God is love

27. Goodness is always revealed by Him

28. Graves will be empty someday because of Him

29. Grace is available from Him.

30. He is the Creator

31. His thoughts and feelings toward you are always good and right.

32. Health and true happiness are possible because of Him and not without Him.

33. Hope is in His words and in His disposition towards you.

34. Impossibilities are possibilities with Him.

35. Inspiration of the Bible writers came from Him and is available to you too.

36. Intercession of Christ for you in the heavenly sanctuary is accepted by Him

37. Invitations to be delivered from sin are continually being offered by Him

38. Jesus Christ is the perfect representation of Him

39. Jubilee for those in debt is His idea

40. Kindness is one of His character qualities

41. Kneeling or standing you can talk to Him.

42. Knowledge is something He’s always willing to share

43. Keeping His commandments pleases Him and He helps you do it.

44. Love is the motive for all His words and actions

45. Life has meaning and purpose because of Him..

46. Light and truth can be received from Him without money.

47. Law and grace are both from Him. Neither does away with the other.

48. Money cannot buy Him, change Him or convince Him.

49. Millions have been helped by Him

50. Mercy is His delight.

51. Mastering difficulties is what you can be doing at any time with His help.

52. New beginnings are always possible with Him.

53. Nothing can separate you from His love except your choice to separate.

54. No one can love and care for you like Him.

55. Never will He forget about you.

56. Only He can give you the gift of immortality at the return of Jesus Christ

57. Overcoming sin is inspired by Him and made possible by His grace.

58. Oppression is not His style.

59. Open communication with Him is so easy and so helpful.

60. Options are always available to you as far as he is concerned.

61. People are the focus of His love.

62. Promises made by Him are never broken.

63. Power to change lives is in His possession.

64. Practical life-saving principles are what he teaches.

65. Quietness is appreciated by Him.

66. Quarrels are not necessary with Him.

67. Quitting the war against sin and wrong never enters His mind.

68. Questions from Him often contain great answers.

69. Reality is what it is because of Him.

70. Running away is not an option for Him.

71. Right is always right with Him even when the whole world is wrong.

72. Resting is easy when He’s in control of your life.

73. Sin, suffering and sorrow will soon be permanently eradicated by Him.

74. Selfishness has no part in Him.

75. Sacrificing Himself for you is worth it to Him.

76. Salvation for you is a must for Him.

77. Solutions to problems are always available in Him.

78. Time has no control over him.

79. Truth originates with Him and He never lies.

80. Tricks cannot fool Him, traps cannot deceive Him.

81. Trust in Him is justified.

82. Ten Commandments are one of the many ways He reveals His character.

83. Untangling lives is His specialty

84. Universal harmony is His desire and will.

85. Unmistakable clarity is in His words.

86. Unity in diversity in Christ is His desire for the world.

87. Variety is another one of the ways He expresses Himself

88. Value that is infinite is what He places upon every human being.

89. Vanity has nothing to do with His decisions.

90. Vitality and energy are restored by Him when His laws of health are obeyed.

91. Wealth cannot compare to Him nor replace Him.

92. Wisdom comes from Him.

93. Whenever He is near you are safe.

94. Wickedness is not in Him.

95. Xenophobia and any other phobia can be completely cured by His love.

96. Yearnings for love are satisfied by Him.

97. Yelling and screaming aren’t necessary with Him.

98. Yesterday will never be forgotten by Him.

99. You will always be a priority for Him.

100. Zeal for living comes as a result of close friendship with Him

 Love for God is essential for life and health. In order to have perfect health our hearts must be filled with hope and love and joy. On one occasion when Jesus was speaking to a man, He revealed the secret of true happiness to the man: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. (Matthew 22:37) 

If you have not done so already
 or if you have backslidden toward the world and are now worldly...
you can have a new beginning with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life right now.

Pray like this - Father in heaven, I am a sinner and I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior right now and I ask you to give me a new heart. New motives, new desires and new purposes that will be in harmony with your law of 10 commandments. I thank you and praise you for the forgiveness of my sins and for causing me to be born again right now, In Jesus, name, amen.

© 2012 Tyrone Keels