Wednesday, December 4, 2013


What is so appealing about the love of Christ ? What are the different types of appeals that Christ makes ? What is the meaning of a final appeal  ? An appeal is an earnest or urgent request. The word appealing means making an urgent request. The word appealing also means attractive.
The love of Christ is an earnest and urgent request that is extremely attractive. How does the love of Christ appeal to human beings ?

The love of Christ can be referred to as an invitational appeal because it invites us into a relationship. It invites us into a relationship with Someone we can trust. As human beings we have a deep need to trust someone who is trustworthy and the love of Christ satisfies this need. This is one reason why it is so appealing. Can you hear the invitational appeal of Jesus Christ in the following words:

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
(Mathew 11:28)

God is constantly appealing to the human heart, bidding it recognize His love and mercy, and accept His righteousness in the place of the principles of evil. He has pleaded with mankind in all ages. In Noah's day Christ spoke to men through a human agency and preached to those who were in bondage to sin. He came to Israel enshrouded in a pillar of cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night. It was He who educated that vast multitude in their wilderness wandering. 

Are you responding to the invitational appeals of God speaking to your heart ? If you profess to be a Christian, are you letting Jesus Christ make invitational appeals through you that are inviting to others ? 

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Isaiah 55:1/John 6:35,37/Revelation 22:17/John 7:37

© 2013 Tyrone Keels

Monday, December 2, 2013


It is not necessary to search for the rest of your life to find out what the purpose of life is. Each day opens before us opportunities to understand ourselves better, to become more like Christ in character, to reflect God's image and to love Him more.

Amid the scenes of daily life, character is developed and made manifest. As we seek to bring the truth into practical life, we shall see the importance of taking heed to ourselves. The Christian is to imitate Christ. He is not to be careless of the proprieties of life; in so doing he places himself where he will reveal human attributes, and misrepresent the character of Christ. But wherever Christlike religion is manifested, it will work a blessing, and every detail of life will be made fragrant by the influence of the divine Spirit. 

The temper, the personal peculiarities, the habits from which character is developed‑‑everything practiced in the home will reveal itself in all the associations of life. 

In Christian experience, the Lord permits trials of various kinds to call men and women to a higher order of living and to a more sanctified service. Without these trials there would be a continual falling away from the likeness of Christ, and men would become imbued with a spirit of scientific, human philosophy, which would lead them to unite with those who are the misguided dupes of the devil.
Those who are faithful to God will not be harmed by reproach or opposition. Nay, rather, virtues will thus be developed that will not flourish in the sunshine of prosperity. Faith, patience, meekness, and love will bud and blossom amid clouds and darkness.    

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Isaiah 13:13/1 Peter 1:7, 4:12,13/James 1:12/Revelation 3:18/2 Timothy 2:3/
Romans 5:3/Mark 13:20,21/1 Peter 5:10

© 2013 Tyrone Keels