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I remember that when I was younger, I often had to be rushed to the hospital for severe asthma attacks. I don't have asthma now but I can certainly sympathize with those who do. Asthma is a debilitating illness that literally leaves a person breathless. This is a condition in which the small bronchial airways temporarily constrict, so that it is difficult to exhale. This leads to breathlessness and wheezing. This disease is no different than most all others which come as a result of the violations of the laws of health. A regular diet that consists of refined foods like toasted white bread, bacon, coffee with cream and sugar for breakfast; and white bread, white rice, beef, chicken, noodles, cheese, cookies, cake or pies for the other two meals will cause mucous and acid to form in the body. The excess mucous is really what causes the difficult breathing and dairy products (milk, cheese) especially, tend to increase the amount of mucous in the body. Current medical prescriptions are for inhalers which dispense drug medication and are given to those prone to severe attacks. If the mucous is eliminated from the system and the lifestyle habits are changed, relief may be obtained without the aid of drug medication.

In the book of Revelation in the Bible, the word sorceries comes from the greek word - pharmakeia. The word pharmakeia is where we get our word pharmacy from. Here is the entry in the Strong's Bible concordance.

Strong's number 5331 // farmakeia // pharmakeia // far-mak-i'-ah //

from 5332 ; n f
AV - sorcery 2, witchcraft 1; 3

1) the use or the administering of drugs
2) poisoning

According to the Bible, in the last days, many people will be deceived and poisoned by a modern form of sorcery called drug medication. Instead of addressing the actual cause of illness, drug medications treat symptoms.

Since disease results from violating the laws of health, it is very important that everyone know and understand the laws of health and strive by the grace of God to live in harmony with them.

These 8 laws may be found detailed at

Any person who examines these laws will quickly recognize the lifestyle habits which he or she has adopted that are contributing to disease. This is the first step towards identifying the cause of disease and making an effective treatment possible.


1. In case of sickness, the cause should be ascertained.

2. Unhealthful conditions should be changed, wrong habits corrected.

3. Then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to re-establish right conditions in the system.



Excessive amounts of mucus resulting from a high-acid and toxic condition of the blood. Inflammation due to infection or toxin with spasms of the bronchiole tubes are typical. The lung irritation caused by accumulated mucus also means that the lungs are more likely to be easily affected by food allergies and chemicals. This could result in inflammatory swellings of the bronchial tubes. Mucus accumulating in the lungs allows bacteria to infiltrate. Some strains of these bacteria convert sugars into alginic acid, another sticky mucus. Candida or other fungus, if present, will sensitize the mucous membranes to airborne molds. The mucous membranes of asthmatics, which are highly sensitized by mucic acid, exhibit strong reaction to air pollutants such as smoke, pollen and sulfur dioxide. The adrenal glands are weakened and the histamine levels are high because of all the sugary foods and tendency to allergy. Poor nutrition habits and a nervous condition due to irritated nerves will often also contribute to asthma.


Avoid all hydrogenated oils, margarine, shortening, greases, and fried foods. Omit all animal products meat, milk, cheese, eggs, butter, yogurt, ice cream. Especially avoid dairy products. (email for alternate diet or food suggestions)

Especially should objectionable meats such as shrimp, pork, ham, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, hamburger, canned meat spreads, pressed meats, and canned composite meats such as Spam, be permanently eliminated. Do not use white bread, buns, melba toast, crackers and saltines, cakes, cookies, white macaroni, spaghetti, white rice, corn meal, cream of wheat, and other refined grain products.

Don't drink or take in sodas, coffees, caffeinated teas, (drug medications) or chocolate. May use non-caffeinated herb teas and cereal beverages. Crackers, cakes and cookies are unhealthful when made with baking soda or powder, eggs, milk, shortening, artificial flavorings and colorings and sugar. Overcome constipation. If you eat 2 meals per day - you should have at least 2 bowel movements per day. Anything less is constipation. Increase fiber and water intake.


The goal is to help the body eliminate the accumulated mucus and heal any infections which may have developed.


Drink 2 to 3 quarts of water daily. Vitamin C (ascorbate form not ascorbic acid) 1000 mg. per hour for 10 hours per day for 3 days. Vitamin E - 600 IU daily. Take a cool bath in the morning. Take a steam bath or a vapor bath once daily using peppermint oil in the vapor bath. Rub peppermint oil over the chest.

Mullein oil is a worthwhile remedy for bronchial congestion. It will stop coughs because it unclogs bronchial tubes. When taken with water or fruit juice, the effect is even more rapid.

Avoid devitalized, demineralized and processed junk food, and do not use nicotine, alcohol, or caffeine. Do not use chocolate, fish, eggs, and other common allergy sensitive foods. Avoid foods containing additives. Go on a juice fast, 3 days each month, of distilled water and lemon juice, to help clean out the body of toxins and mucous.

Plenty of outdoor exercise like walking and good ventilation throughout the home. Hiking and swimming are also good exercises to improve the health. You need to build up your lung capacity and utilization. This will strengthen your entire respiratory tract. A person at rest uses only 10% of his lung capacity; hard work increases it to about 50%.

Get rid of the dust and dust mites in your bed, cushions, rugs, and floor. Avoid goose feathers (pillows and down coats). Dead cockroaches also produce a dust which can trigger an attack. Avoid plants which may have mold spores and mold in the bathroom should be eliminated.

Herbs - Specific herbs to help eliminate the mucus and tone up the body.

Chickweed, comfrey, marshmallow, mullein, lobelia are all of great healing benefit to the respiratory system and aid in the elimination of mucus. Combining them must be done part for part. In other words – 1 tsp of mullein means 1 tsp of all the rest.

ASTHMA ATTACK - Pouring cold water on the back of the neck is useful. As the person bends over, the water is poured on the back of the neck from a container holding about a gallon of water. From about 24 inches above the neck, pour it for about 30-90 seconds. Do this 3 times a day during the critical phase.

ROUGH TREATMENT – Most all of the mucus can be eliminated through vomiting in about 24 hours but electrolytes would need to be replaced. (Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium). Email for help with this treatment. After blending a clove of garlic in a cup of water, drink it. This may be vomited back out, loosening the phlegm. If vomited, give another cup.

Lobelia is an herb that, when sipped slowly, relaxes the nerves and tends to stop the spasm. (If you drinks lots of it and drink it too fast, it will have a different effect and cause vomiting.)

Combine one cup of honey, ½ tsp. of cayenne pepper, 3 oz. of fresh lemon juice, ½ tsp. of peppermint oil, 2 bulbs of blended garlic, 2 bulbs of blended onions, 2 oz. of horseradish and ½ cup honey crystals. Mix and take ½ tsp. as needed.

Additional Supplements:

Vitamin B6 25mg twice a day

Vitamin B12 1,00 mcg a day

Vitamin E 400 international units per day

Selenium 250 mcg a day

Pray and ask God to change your heart and then for strength and grace to change your lifestyle. Ask Him to forgive you for breaking His mental, physical and moral laws and living a selfish life. Invite Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life and cause you to receive new motives, new desires and new purposes.

CHALLENGE - Try all the above for 10 days and see if there is not a significant improvement

The use of herbs should complement obedience to the 8 laws of health. More information about this at under health issues.

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