Wednesday, May 13, 2009


User's Guide - Gold Edition:

Ruining a nation takes time but it can be done. A lot of planning and forethought must take place if it is to be done with a specific purpose in mind. However, a nation can also be ruined without either plan or purpose. Through general and widespread ignorance the disastrous results may be achieved. Before you conclude that this is just some more senseless ranting of a very unhappy gloom bug please note that there is also a User’s Guide – Silver Edition – 30 Ways to Build and Strengthen A Nation. The following list is intended to stimulate thought and reflection and ultimately corrective action.

1. Use the word cynical to describe anyone or anything that leads people to give careful consideration to their present condition and circumstances. Prevent individual critical evaluations by using the word "conspiracy" to invalidate any investigations.

2. Try to make sure everyone knows how to use labels and name-calling to deal with issues. Make it appear that this gets right to the heart of the issue.

3. Teach people that having money and things are the true marks of success in life and that only a college education can guarantee this success.

4. Confuse children about the roles of men and women and re-interpret the meaning of family and marriage to match society's standard each time society changes its viewpoints about family and marriage.

5. Encourage everyone to keep saying, "nobody's perfect" so that imperfection becomes a universal and acceptable standard. Use this standard to test whether or not a person is "down to earth" or "keeping it real".

6. Ridicule moral excellence as an unrealistic, unachievable goal. Only exalt it as an ideal. Make sure everyone is familiar with the phrase "we're only human"

7. Use the phrase "health insurance" to join health and money together in an inseparable union. Use it to mean "money available to pay the expenses incurred because of lost health." Do not actually insure health through adequate education. Encourage people to trust mostly in professional help and make them afraid to self-diagnose their problems.

8. Separate children from their parents at a very young age so that society may have ample time and opportunity to superimpose its identity upon them.

9. Build an economy upon credit, debt and fraud. Lead people to believe that money = happiness.

10. Teach people that introducing poisons into the blood stream by the use of drug medications or vaccinations is the hallmark of an enlightened civilization.

11. Use the word "judgmental" extensively and generously so that people are terrified of making any open comments about anything morally wrong.

12. Assign relative meaning to the term "right and wrong". Make morality dependent upon circumstances or situations.

13. Teach people that there is no intelligence, no planning, no design and no purpose connected with the origin of life. Make sure that this is backed by some form of authority that most people will feel too uneducated to question.

14. Teach people that a variety of peers is of greater consequence to a child's social development than good parenting.

15. Convince people that love is based upon feelings and not principles. Disconnect right principles from right feelings.

16. Blur the distinction between male and female. Obscure gender differences.

17. Constantly expose the human mind to depravity, perversion and immorality and call it reality. Provide it as entertainment and give awards to those who excel in portraying it.

18. Emphasize exposure to wrong-doing as a necessary part of children's education and healthy psychological development.

19. Use television shows, movies, magazines, etc. to instigate and perpetuate hostility, alienation and misunderstanding between male and female, rich and poor and black and white. Cause as many people as possible to regard division as inevitable.

20. Continually draw attention to a person's skin color if it is different or not part of a majority group.

21. Apply a label to anyone and everyone who enthusiastically supports the constitution. Call them nuts or extremist. Make it appear odd to actually uphold the constitution.

22. Use every national crisis as a pretext for minimizing personal freedoms and civil liberties. Make this appear absolutely necessary in order to secure peace and safety.

23. Teach people that "living for the moment" and "experiencing now" are the most important things in life.

24. Teach people that personal decisions depend upon circumstances and not principles. Principles should always be viewed as flexible.

25. Make doubt a means of education. Always attach doubt and uncertainty to as many issues as possible.

26. Exalt human reason as the most reliable means and final determining principle for discovering the truth about the existence of God. Make science the ultimate arbiter in all matters unknown.

27. Promote a false sense of societal advancement through the multiplication of electronic devices and by magnifying the wonders of technology.

28. Distract and confuse minds by supplying an abundance of conflicting and contradictory expert opinions.

29. Teach people that working hard is not as good as working smarter and make sure that people neither work hard nor smarter by exporting jobs out of the nation.

30. Saturate all forms of media with sex so that a preoccupation with physical pleasure seems normal and even right. Detach sex from anything pure or meaningful. Make it a common place and overstimulating subject by excessive promotion through all varieties of audio and visual media outreach and publications.

Is our nation being ruined by these principles ? What will be the ultimate outcome when all 30 of these have been fully implemented ? Are we unwittingly helping to achieve these goals ? What we need are ways to build and strengthen our nation. Stay tuned for suggestions.

© 2009 Tyrone Keels