Friday, January 5, 2018


Will the world end this year ? Will there be a stock market crash or an economic boom ? What life changing event will alter your life this year ? No matter how many claim to know what is going to happen in the future and possibly what will happen within the next 12 months there is only One Who knows with absolute certainty. God Himself is all-knowing and can predict the future with 100% accuracy. Those who connect with Him through Jesus Christ by faith are granted the privilege of understanding the things about the future which He reveals in His word. The Bible reveals today's principles that are shaping tomorrow's events. Many of these same principles rule in the lives of human beings and makes us somewhat predictable. Listed below are 100 expectations that will be fulfilled this year. 

    1 – Anyone who trusts God will be able to overcome sinful habits.
    2 – Atheism will not provide hope to the hopeless
    3 – Apathy and anarchy will still be rooted in selfishness
    4 – America will not become morally powerful or uplifting to the world
    5 – Actions inspired by selfish motives will increase.
    6 – Belief in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world will strengthen many hearts.
    7 – Beauty will still be superficially judged by outward appearance.
    8 – Backsliding church members will still be worldly and will still need to repent.
    9 – Battles with self will still be unappreciated and unknown by most human beings.
  10 – Babylon of Bible prophecy will expand its territory over human minds.
  11 – Champions for God will still be growing in the school of Christ.
  12 – Christ will still be The Desire of ages.
  13 – Children will still need the examples of true Christians in a family.
  14 – Colleges will still collude with publishers & charge exorbitant prices for student books.
  15 – Cause will follow effect as people choose to resist the Holy Spirit more and more.
  16 – Demons will still prevail over those who are addicted to drugs or anything but Christ.
  17 – Death will still mean not living and not alive and without life.
  18 – Deceptions will be practiced more and more by people upon themselves.
  19 – Diet and exercise will still be a superior, less expensive form of health care.
  20 – Diseases will still be largely the result of lifestyle choices.
  21Everyone will have access to God by faith if they so desire it.
  22 – Excellence of character will still be attainable through faith in Jesus Christ.
  23 Equal rights will continue to be confused with special rights.
  24 – Enthusiasm for entertainment and physical pleasure will increase.
  25 – Electronic devices will continue to distract many minds and to destroy productivity.
  26 – Faith in science and human reason will continue to oppose faith in Jesus Christ.
  27 – Fundamental truths taught anywhere will come under increasingly severe attacks.
  28 – Fake news and fake lives will be prevalent everywhere.
  29 – Forty people will die unprepared for the judgment.
  30 – Families will continue to be redefined by society as it moves further away from Christ.
  31 – God will still be on His throne, still be Love and He will still appeal to human hearts.
  32 – Grace will still be abundantly available & poured into the lives of those who desire it.
  33 – Goodness will still be mocked, hated and opposed by those who love sin.
  34 – Gold will still be only pavement material in heaven.
  35 – Hell will still only mean the grave as the Bible teaches & not a place of eternal torture.
  36 – Health will still be one of the greatest treasures upon earth.
  37 – Hope will not die.
  38 – Holiness will not become popular.
  39 – Hearts that draw nearer to Christ will draw nearer to each other.
  40 – Inspiration from the Holy Spirit will continually come to those prepared to receive it.
  41 – Inventions that separate the mind from God will become more powerful.
  42 – Innocent of any wrongdoing will still be the claim made by many who are guilty of sin.
  43 – Identity and individuality will continue to be diminished by calls for social conformity.
  44 – Intercessory prayer in behalf of human beings will be continued by Jesus Christ.
  45 – Jewelry & bling and material things will lose their value as true conversions increase.
  46 – Junk food for the mind will increase in variety and quantity and potency.
  47 – Judgment for the living will be one year nearer.
  48 – Jealousy and envy will continue to wreck human relationships.
  49 – Jail sentences will end for some while others remain imprisoned by selfish habits.
  50 – Jesus Christ will still be Lord and Savior and saving souls.
  51 – Kindness of speech will be heard less and less from the lips of many.
  52 – Keeping God’s commandments by His grace will still develop a Christlike character
  53 – Keys to happiness will continue to be found in the Bible.
  54 – Kicking against the convictions of the Holy Spirit will seal the destiny of many.
  55 – Lawmakers in America will continue preparing to speak like a dragon.
  56 – Life without Christ will remain life without purpose, value or meaning.
  57 – Love will still be what the world needs.
  58 – Luxury and wealth will not suddenly satisfy the deepest longing of the heart.
  59 – Loans of any type will continue to increase personal debt and the national deficit.
  60 – Money and what it is will be less and less understood.
  61 – My life will continue to be a gift and a blessing from God.
  62 – Mercy and compassion will need to be revealed more clearly by God’s people.
  63 – Mastery of oneself through faith in Jesus Christ will be cherished by the humble.
  64 – Men filled with the Spirit of God will be needed even more than before.
  65 – Nothing will be possible without the continual intercession of Christ.
  66 – New forms of deception and temptation will come to test everyone.
  67 – Na├»ve minds will continue to put their trust in government leaders.
  68 – Nutrition of the body and the mind will continue to be an absolute priority.
  69 – Needs will increase faster than they can be supplied.
  70 – Opportunities to be blessed and to be a blessing will abound.
  71 – Open hearts will be susceptible to the influence of the Holy Spirit.
  72 – Only Christ will quench the thirst of the soul.
  73 – Offering praise will bring strength to the people of God.
  74 – Options will be multiplied for those who trust in the Lord.
  75 – Panic will increase in some people’s hearts.
  76 – Pictures of self will continue to enchant the deceived.
  77 – Power will still be held by those with the most money.
  78 – Perfection as it pertains to the conscience will still be required.
  79 – Peace and safety will be illusive and delusive at the same time.
  80 – Quick fixes and instant solutions to problems will not be sufficient.
  81 – Quiet resting places for the mind will be priceless.
  82 – Quitting will not be an option for the people of God.
  83 – Questions about each manufactured national crisis will still not be answered.
  84 – Recklessness will characterize the words and actions of the unconverted heart.
  85 – Rights for human beings will continue to be exalted above duty to God.
  86 – Repair of human hearts will be greatly needed.
  87 – Rest will still be found in Jesus Christ.
  88 – Salvation will still be possible.
  89 – Sin will grow more popular and more powerful.
  90 – Searching for love and happiness will continue.
  91 – Truth will still be the truth and will strengthen the people of God.
  92 – Time will run out and it will be too late for many.
  93 – Transformation of character will still be possible.
  94 – Urgent decisions will have to be made.
  95 – Utter helplessness will increase
  96 – Victory by faith will be assured.
  97 – World events will point more clearly to the return of Jesus Christ.
  98 – Xenophobia will be claimed.
  99 – Young people will need to be educated regarding last day events.
100 – Zeal for the glory of God will increase among the people of God.

These predictions are all established from principles in the Bible. While they may be considered general and easier to make, there are prophecies in Scripture that foretell the role of America in the last days. Would you like to know something more specific about what will happen in America in the last days ? By the grace of God, we will continue the study of America in Bible prophecy in future posts.

REFERENCES: Matthew 24, Luke 21:11/Acts 10:43/Isaiah 41:21-23, 42:9, 44:6-8, 46:9,10, 48:5,6/Jeremiah 17:9/Amos 3:7/Hosea 12:10/2 Peter 1:19/Revelation 1:3, 22:7/Proverbs 22:3, 27:12/John 13:19, 14:29/Luke 21:28/2 Timothy 3:1-5,7,13

Have you been drawing closer to Jesus Christ ? Do you even know Him ? Is He your deeply personal Lord and Savior from the penalty and power of sin ?

If you have not done so already or if you have backslidden toward the world and are now worldly...please in the name of Jesus awake and stay alert if you are awake.

Please...surrender your heart to God while there is still time; surrender your thoughts and feelings to Jesus Christ the one who loves you and died in order for you and I to be able to obtain victory over all sin and selfishness in our lives...God loves you..God wants you...Not just to be forgiven...Not to play church, but to truly become Christ-like before you die so that you can be prepared to enjoy eternity with Him. A Christlike person is the only kind of person that could enjoy heaven and the only kind of person that could be trusted in heaven.

Pray like this - Father in heaven, I am a sinner and I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior right now and I ask you to give me a new heart. New motives, new desires and new purposes that will be in harmony with your law of 10 commandments. I thank you and praise you for the forgiveness of my sins and for causing me to be born again right now, In Jesus, name, amen.

© 2018 Tyrone Keels