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Imagine fighting an enemy whom you cannot see. Worst yet, an enemy who does not even appear to be an enemy. Self can hide and be disguised as a friend who is only interested in our happiness while at the same time enslaving us to degrading habits. Many speak of victory but very few attempt victory over self. No man or woman or child can expect to have victory over his or herself without understanding something about the nature of man. The nature of human beings is threefold. When Adam came from the Creator's hand, he bore, in his physical, mental, and spiritual nature, a likeness to his Maker. This helps us to see the three areas where human beings need to experience victory in their lives in order to be able to enjoy heaven and be trusted there. In the Bible, Christ makes plain that Self is to be crucified, not now and then, but daily, and the physical, mental, and spiritual must be subordinate to the will of God. Here are a list of some basic mental and physical principles which affect our ability to know God and to have the mastery of ourselves through faith in Jesus Christ.


The health of the body is to be regarded as essential for growth in grace and the acquirement of an even temper. If the stomach is not properly cared for, the formation of an upright, moral character will be hindered.
The brain and nerves are in sympathy with the stomach.

Erroneous eating and drinking result in erroneous thinking and acting.

Recklessness in physical habits tends to recklessness in morals

Right physical habits promote mental superiority.

The spiritual experience is greatly affected by the way in which
the stomach is treated.

Anything that lessens physical strength enfeebles the mind and makes it less capable of discriminating between right and wrong. We become less capable of choosing the good and have less strength of will to do
that which we know to be right.

The condition of the health has its influence upon the spiritual life, and may be discerned by the words, the tone of voice, and by the pleasant and unpleasant atmosphere
that surrounds each soul.

Habits which lower the standard of physical health, enfeeble the mental and moral strength.

If our physical habits are not right, our mental and moral powers cannot be strong; for great sympathy exists between the physical and the moral.

References: 1 Corinthians 10:31/Philippians 3:18,19/Ecclesiastes 10:17/Romans 16:18/Proverbs 23:20/Matthew 24:48-50/Luke 21:34/Daniel 1:11-20


All our actions, good or bad, have their source in the mind.

The moral and vigorous action of the higher powers of the mind is essential to the perfection of Christian character.

Perfection of character is attained through exercise of the faculties of the mind, in times of supreme test, by obedience to every requirement of God's law.

The mental and moral powers which God has given us do not constitute character. They are talents which we are to improve and which, if properly improved, will form a right character.

All who are fitted for usefulness must be trained by the severest mental and moral discipline, and God will assist them by uniting divine power with human effort.

The warfare in which we are engaged is largely mental, and the mind that is the most thoroughly trained will do the most acceptable work.

Natural and mental resources come alone from a knowledge of the laws which God has established in nature and in our own human structure, and obedience to these laws must be observed, or our lives will prove a failure.

He who created the mind and ordained its laws, provided for its development
in accordance with them.

Every sinful gratification tends to benumb the faculties and deaden the mental and spiritual perceptions, and the Word or the Spirit of God can make but a feeble impression upon the heart.

True religion unfolds and calls out the mental energies. Conviction and repentance of sin, renunciation of self, and trust in the merits of the blood of Christ cannot be experienced without the individual being made more thoughtful, more intellectual, than he (or she) was before.

A sanctified heart quickens and intensifies the mental powers.

The proper cultivation of the mental powers makes man all that he is. These ennobling faculties are given to aid in forming character for the future, immortal life. Man was created for a higher, holier state of enjoyment than this world can afford. He was made in the image of God for high and noble purposes, such as engage the attention of angels

References: Philippians 4:8,2:5/Proverbs 12:5,16:3,21:5/2 Timothy 1:7/Mark 7:21-23/Psalms 10:4,94:19/Genesis 6:5/2 Corinthians 10:5/Ephesians 4:23/Romans 12:2/Matthew 22:37/

According to the Bible, therefore, it is very important that we do the best we can to take care of our minds and bodies not just for mere existence in this world but for the development of a Christlike character to live in the future in an eternal world with God our heavenly Father. A Christlike character is the only kind of character that could enjoy heaven and a Christlike character is the only kind of charcter that could be trusted in heaven. Character can not be changed after we die nor at the return of Christ. The present life that we now live is our only opportunity to become Christlike in character. Especially should we guard carefully our minds with a spiritual filter to block un-Christlike thoughts, ideas and philosophies from gaining access and taking up a permanent residence there. We will look at the spiritual experience in another post.

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