Friday, January 7, 2011


You will never guess who I am on your own. My goal is to destroy you. I have fooled you before and I will certainly do it again and again. I have to be brutally honest with you. I do not care for you and in fact I hate you. I am definitely your worst enemy. Don’t try to figure me out. I’m much more cunning than you can imagine. I will out think you every time. You are no match for me. You will never be able to defeat me on your own and you’re probably already worshipping me. Let me tell you a little about me.

I hate perfect order and perfect organization. In fact, I hate the very word perfection especially as it pertains to the conscience and morality. I am by nature against self-sacrifice and self-control. I don’t like rules and laws that prevent me from being me. I disagree with people who are constantly trying to uphold any moral standards or principles which interfere with having fun and pleasure. I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and full of self gratification. I answer to no one but me. Don’t try to correct me when I need to be corrected because I do not appreciate people trying to help me see that I am wrong even if I am wrong. In case you still don’t get it, let me spell it out for you in plain English. I live for me and me alone. My plan is to live life according to my view of the way life should be lived but I will not live life in order to please any so called God or gods. No I’m not the devil but I am your worst enemy.

Life must center around me and what makes me happy and I don’t plan to let you think otherwise. I’ll help you to feel that it is not necessary to consistently show compassion and mercy towards other human beings. I oppose all your efforts to be kind and sympathetic towards those who are in need of your time and energy or assistance. Don’t try to be conscientious regarding your health. I can stop you. I can make sure that you eat whatever you feel is right, as much as you like, whenever you like. I encourage you to avoid physical, mental and spiritual health at all costs. I hope to lead you to disregard any foolish nonsensical talk about laws of health. I will lead you to put the responsibility for your health in the hands of someone else.

In my view, no one should be expected to live a restrictive life. Me listening to whatever music, eating whatever food, wearing whatever clothes, enjoying any entertainment or engaging in any activity that pleases me is what I expect you to understand and accommodate. As far as I’m concerned, beauty of character and moral excellence are boring, idealistic and impractical subjects. To me, people who are always trying to do good or be good are hypocrites because nobody can be nor should anyone try to be perfect in the way that it says to be perfect in that so called holy Book that people refer to as the Bible.

I try to make sure that your mind is ruined by leading you to leave it unguarded. When you try to focus your mind exclusively on truth and goodness and purity, I distract you and turn your attention elsewhere. I will make you afraid to be considered fanatical when it comes to guarding your mind. I will trick you into allowing wrong principles to take firm hold in your mind through music and images from books, movies, television shows and other sources. I will convince you that this is freedom of choice and work to help you believe that there is nothing wrong with these things because you are in control.

I work to flood your mind with your own opinions instead of truth and I’ll help you build your life upon opinions. I want to help you to trust in you and your reasoning ability alone. I make your conscience less and less sensitive and if it is troubled in any way, I influence you to rationalize away any ridiculous moral concerns. I’ll keep you from thinking about things like eternity, the judgment and overcoming weaknesses of character.

You’ll never find me because I’m a master of disguise. I hide behind words and actions which do not reveal my true motives. I can end your life without you even knowing that I did it. I know all your weak points. I know what you like and what you don’t like. I know all about you and how to motivate you but you hardly even know me. I have an enormous appetite and can never be satisfied with just a little or just once. You will never be able to make me happy.

I positively resist any and all efforts to change me or make me different. I am proud of who I am and you must accept me the way that I am. You must accept me for me and there is nothing that you alone can do about my power over you. Do you know who I am ? I’m your worst enemy.

There are verses in the Bible that refer to me as the carnal nature or the flesh. Other places speak of me as the human heart. Some call me human nature. My real name is SELF and I am thoroughly, hopelessly, extremely selfish. I live in you and I am at the core of your being. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Now go back to what you were doing and keep serving me because you know you like it.

Don’t even think about breaking free from my power. I’ve got chains wrapped around your heart and I am not planning to let you go any time soon unless I am forced to do so.

There is only One who can help you to conquer me. He is my natural enemy as well as yours. He can strengthen you to resist me and to overcome me. His name is Jesus Christ and He has helped many to be free from my power and influence. He alone can open your eyes and help you to see me as the monster that I am.

He can cause me pain. If you cooperate with Him and live to please Him, you will destroy me. Therefore I must keep you from spending time with Him. I must keep you from loving Him and living your life in such a way as to please Him.

He will lead you to choose music that I don’t like but the music He chooses is acceptable in heaven. He will cause you to feel compassion and sympathy for other human beings and to think of new ways to bless them. He will lead you to actually help others and suffer inconveniences for them without murmuring or complaining. He will make you a cheerful giver. He can take away the sarcasm and the sharpness and the coldness from your character and put love in your looks and manners and in the tones of your voice.

He will lead you to be careful with your time, your money, your words and your actions so that you consult with Him concerning each of these things.

He can give you a deep, increasing, unchanging joy to take the place of my counterfeit happiness which is dependent upon circumstances and having things. He can make you beautiful on the inside while I can really dress up the outside and make it look nice. Once He has your affections, you will willingly, gratefully and wholeheartedly live to make Him happy instead of me and that will destroy me.

If you frequently meditate upon His love and study His character, my power over you will be broken. As your mind is transformed, I will die. Every time you make an effort to reflect His character to someone, it will bring agonizing pain to me. Every time you rely upon Him to resist the temptations to overeat, to lust, to swear, to lie, to steal, to envy, to covet or to complain, I am mortally wounded.

Your determination to become like Christ in character by receiving God’s grace will assure my death. So, why am I revealing my weaknesses and telling you how to defeat me ? Because, if you are like any of the other millions of human beings I have conquered and destroyed, then you will do nothing. I have nothing to worry about. Or do I ?

© 2011 Tyrone Keels