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There are some people who sincerely believe it possible for computers and complex non-living machines to make themselves. These misguided individuals believe in greater miracles than those recorded in the Bible. Computers would not exist if there were no intelligent mind to invent and design them. Computers could not be programmed without the intelligence of a mind creating the instructions. Accidents and mutations don't make computers. This is a fact that no one needs a college degree to understand. The human body is even more complex than a computer and if accidents and mutations don't make computer chips then they most certainly do not create create human cells. One Bible writer acknowledged the true Creator of life and the Designer of the human body.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. (Psalms 139:14)

DNA carries the inheritance code in living things. It is like a microscopic computer with a built in memory. DNA stores a tremendous number of “blueprints,” and at the right time and place, it issues orders for distant parts of the body to build its cells and structures. Inside the DNA is the total of all the genetic possibilities for a given species. This is called the gene pool of genetic traits. It is also called the genome. 

The human body has about 100 trillion cells. Inside each cell in your body is a nucleus. In the nucleus of each cell are 46 chromosomes. Inside the chromosomes are genes. Inside the genes is the complicated chemical structure we call DNA. Each gene has a thousand or more such DNA units within it. In the chromosomes of each cell are about 10 billion DNA molecules. Each molecule is a spiral ladder and scientists also call them base pairs.


It is the sequence of chemicals within these base pairs that provides the instructional code for your body. That instructional code oversees all your heredity and many of your metabolic processes. Without DNA neither you nor anything else on earth could live. Within each DNA molecule is an incredible information file. consisting of only four different building blocks (A, G, C, and T). These are arranged in basic code units of three factors per unit (A-C-C, G-T-A, etc.). This provides 64 basic code units. Each code continues on for millions of “letter” units. Each unit is made of a special chemical. Millions of separate codes can be sequentially constructed with these chemicals. Each code determines one of the many millions of factors in your body, organs, brain, and all their functions. If just one code were missing, we would be in serious trouble.

There are more than 16,000 nucleotides in one human mitochondrial DNA molecule.
A nucleotide is a complex chemical structure composed of a (nucleic acid) purine or pyrimidine, one sugar (usually ribose or deoxyribose), and a phosphoric group. Each one of the thousands of nucleotides within each DNA is aligned sequentially in a very specific order ! Imagine 3 billion complicated chemical links, each of which has to be in a precisely correct sequence !

In order for life to occur, the chemicals of the DNA code must absolutely be in correct sequence AND the following is also required or DNA is useless:

The DNA code also requires a translation machinery of about 70 components in order for the code to be used by living tissues. Without a translator, the highly complex coding contained within the DNA molecule would be useless to the organism.

Special “messenger RNA” molecules are needed. Without them, DNA is useless in 
the bodyThere is a specific s-RNA for each individual amino acid. They pass the message for the code, so that a certain type of amino acid can be made. The code in the gene (which is DNA, of course) is used to construct a messenger RNA molecule in which is encoded the message necessary to determine the specific amino acid sequence of the protein.

The biological compiler changes DNA code language into a different language that the cells can understand—so they can set about producing the right amino acids and proteins.

DNA is a data bank of massive proportions, but indexes are also needed. These are different from the translators. There are non-DNA chemicals, which work as indexes to specifically locate needed information. Without the index, the DNA will not know where to look to find the needed information. The index triggers the production of materials by DNA.

Single cell bacteria display about 3,000,000 nucleotides, aligned in a very specific sequence. Have you ever seen an accident produce complex and precise sequences ?

DO COMPLEX CODES AND PRECISE SEQUENCES HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT ? Do mutations produce detailed instructional codes ? The answer to both questions is no. There are no observable, repeatable, reliable tests proving that accidents or mutations result in complexity and precision. Codes, instructions and information are the products of intelligence. Intelligence is found in a mind. The amount of information in the genetic code is so vast that it would be impossible to put together by chance without intelligence. In the case of DNA we have evidence of an extremely high order of intelligence;  a super mind. As Christians we know and acknowledge Him to be God the Creator.

Putting protein and DNA together will not make them alive; but, on the other hand, there can be no life without BOTH the protein and the DNA. Protein has to be in its proper sequence, just as DNA has to be in its correct sequential pattern.

A medium protein might include about 300 amino acids. The DNA gene controlling this would have about 1000 nucleotides in its chain. Since there are four kinds of nucleotides in a DNA chain, one consisting of 1000 links could exist in 4x101000 different forms. That is not 4000 (4 followed by 3 zeros), but 4 times itself a thousand times. 

Nineteen of the twenty amino acids (all except glycine) come in two forms: a “D” and an “L” version. The chemicals are the same, but are arranged differently for each. The difference is quite similar to your left hand as compared with your right hand. Both are the same, yet
shaped opposite to each other. The chances of getting accidentally synthesized left amino acids for one small protein molecule is one chance in
10210. (Ten with 210 zeros behind it)

There are literally billions of possible combinations. The right combination from among the 20 amino acids has to be brought together in the right sequence  in order to make one useable protein properly. Furthermore, in order for life to occur, the extremely complex DNA strands would have to be formed right along with complex enzymes. 

2000 different and very complex enzymes are required for a living organism to exist. An enzyme system does not work at all until it is complete, or nearly so. Not only that but enzymes cannot appear without pre-existing enzymes to make them.

There is no observable scientific evidence ever recorded in the history of the world showing that accidents, explosions or mutations create brand new enzymes, new proteins or the DNA code. Yet these building blocks of life are present everywhere in living things.

In the human body we find stunning evidences of ingenious design, coordination, adaptation and creative forethought that we see in the earth and in the heavens. Just think of these for instance: the living cell; the heart; the brain; the eye; the ear; the hand; the senses of touch, taste and smell; the nervous system; the digestive system; the prolonged and intricate miracle of reproduction and growth; the glands; and the body's wonderful defense mechanism and healing processes.

What should we do with these numberless evidences of intelligent planning and forethought in the earth, in the heavens and in our bodies ? We cannot ignore them. They demand a rational explanation. They have come into existence either by design, or by accident. They are the product of God or of chance. There is no middle ground.

Did you ever hear the story of the Dell computer that made itself ? We know that such a thing is impossible. But the universe, and our bodies are more complicated and intricate than the mechanism of even modern home computers and since intelligence is required to make and sustain the computer, even more so is it required that even greater intelligence is required to originate and sustain life.

Morse Code = product of intelligence 
Area Code = product of intelligence
Zip Code = product of intelligence
Computer code = product of intelligence 

DNA Code = result of an accident ?

Reason requires a "Manufacturer", the ‘Maker’ who is responsible for the presence of such incredible design which is seen in His created works. For every house is built by someone, but HE WHO BUILT ALL THINGS IS GOD. (Hebrews 3:4)

This is the only rational explanation for the wonders of creation.

This study will be continued in the next part of this Bible Study series "Facts You Need To Know" 1C.

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