Friday, March 11, 2011



Should God be blamed for the catastrophes which happen ? Is He sending a message that He wants us to keep His 10 commandments ? That is what radio commentator Glenn Beck suggests according to a New York Daily News article and an ABC news report.(1) Some of the more recent disasters in modern history have led some people to believe that somehow God is actually causing these terrible events. Even the governor of Tokyo has stated that he believes the recent earthquake and tsunami were a form of divine punishment.(2) From the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, to the more recent quadruple disasters in Japan(3), people have wondered why God has not intervened to prevent such tragedies.

While it may be the natural human inclination to blame God for sorrow, suffering and sadness, the Bible, often referred to as the word of God pulls back the curtain of the unseen world to reveal the true sources of calamities. In the book of Job in the Bible, God allows human beings to see who is really behind suffering and sorrow and sin (4). Many people freely profess a belief in God but do not acknowledge the existence of Satan who both God and Jesus Christ in the word of God have identified as the enemy of all mankind. It is strange that people would speak of “acts of God” as causing destruction and death but make no mention of Satan as the true source of devastation on this earth.

This is not to say that the devil is to blame for everything. Much of human suffering can be traced back to the words and actions of human beings. Errors in human judgment and selfishness continue to result in the loss of untold numbers of lives every day. Yet, Satan, one of the most dangerous foes to human beings, as pointed out by Jesus Christ Himself, is rarely recognized as being responsible for much of the misery in the world.(5)

It is interesting to note that the emperor of Japan stated that he was praying for his people.(6) I don’t know how he prayed or who he was praying to but In times of crisis, it often seems that human beings instinctively turn to prayer and/or to God. The Bible predicts that just such a thing will happen in the last days as disasters increase in nations around the world. Increasing disasters are indeed one of the signs of the last days pointing to the soon return of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, due to general Biblical ignorance, Bible prophecy also predicts that a counterfeit revival will come as a result and lead to the enforcement of religious laws as a misguided attempt to appease God and bring an end to the disasters. False miracles that many will believe is the power of God will confirm people in error (7)

We are rapidly approaching that time. Will you be ready with a Christ-like character to help others find their way to the mercy seat of God ? Will you be ready to pass through the searching scrutiny of the judgment ? God is not punishing anyone right now but He is allowing circumstances and events to move forward toward the conclusion of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Everyone must pass through the judgment to either live eternally after receiving the gift of immortality from the Lord and Savior whom they have loved or to be separated from that very same Life-Giver whose love they have rejected; to perish in the lake of fire with Satan and his evil angels. (8) Only by the grace of God imparted to our lives and the blood of Christ applied to our life record in heaven because of our choices will any of us be ready. May our heavenly Father keep you and I today and prepare us for that day.

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