Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LAWS OF THE MIND - What Are You Thinking About ?

Think right thoughts, and you will perform right actions. Principles like these and many more which govern the mind and its functions are found throughout the Bible. Understanding how the mind works and appreciating the laws that govern it could be very useful in controlling stress, anxiety and depression and even totally transforming a person's life. (Romans 12:2/Proverbs 16:3/Isaiah 26:3) I will list a few here for anyone interested . More about this can be found at

If the mind is habitually given difficult tasks, it acquires efficiency and power.

The mind gradually adapts itself to the subjects upon which it is allowed to dwell.

The thoughts will be of the same character as the food provided for the mind.

Proverbs 1:5,24:5/Romans 8:5/Psalms 1:2/1 Timothy 4:15

If our thoughts and feelings are not brought into harmony with heaven while we are alive upon this earth, we could never be happy there nor could we be trusted there.

Let us cooperate with our heavenly Father to the end that others may be attracted to Christ and heaven too as they behold His character reflected through us.