Friday, September 25, 2009


Anyone who has ever tried knows how difficult it is to stop thinking about something or someone after your mind has grown accustomed to thinking about that something or someone.

Is it easy to forget where you live or the color of your car, the food you like most or the name and the words of a friend ? No...

The mind is as assuredly governed by laws as is the universe governed by fixed laws and these laws do not discriminate nor can they be persuaded to stop functioning.

Many of these laws of the mind are mentioned in the Bible and are actually strengthened by the study of the Bible. (Isaiah 26:3)

It is God's desire that Christ would be the chief one whom we cannot stop thinking about. Our thought life is determined by what we habitually allow our minds to dwell upon and/or take in and we should endeavor to have Christ at the center of our thoughts. In this respect it may be just as difficult to start thinking about something or someone if we have no desire to do so.

The love of Christ is the motivation, inspiration and constraining power which leads a person to choose to make Him the chief focus on one's thoughts. (Hebrews 12:1)

Our thoughts essentially make up who we are and become real to others as they are translated into words and actions. Another study of the laws of the mind has been added to the website at It is in the top left hand corner of the page under laws of the mind and is the law numbered 6 - "Thoughts". Check it out when you get a chance....

Have a marvelous weekend...